Thursday, January 14, 2010


My favorite Christmas movie is Bing Crosby's "White Christmas". I especially love the two sisters that are characters in the movie, Judy and Betty. The song they sing, "Sisters" is hilarious to me because I identify so well with the lyrics. Here's a link to the song if you don't know it .

Lots of you know my sister, Meredith. Some of you have known us since we were the ages of Andrew and Coleman. Many of you comment on how much we look alike. I take that as one of the best compliments I receive, by the way! We also like a lot of the same things. Like cooking.

When we were little girls, we both loved to help Momma in the kitchen. However, it was more often than not, Meredith who got to do the majority of the actual cooking help. I was usually the one to set the table. It became a family joke that when the holidays rolled around, Meredith and Momma would have to do the cooking because all I was learning to do was set a pretty table. (I did learn to cook, and think I can hold my own pretty well. In almost 14 years, Brent hasn't starved.)

So anyway, Meredith has been in the kitchen all her life. Recently, she started on a journey that will help her fulfill a dream. She's started a blog to document the trip, and I've added it to my bloglist. You can find it at or you can click on the link to Pastry Chef in the Making.

Way to go Mer Mer! We're so proud of you! And we really can't wait until you and Roger move closer so we can sample your work! (Hint! Hint!)

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