Thursday, January 7, 2010

Movie Day

Here are a few videos from Christmas. Perhaps I'll finish Christmas postings before Valentine's Day. And perhaps not.

This is from Christmas Eve. The boys were watching "The Polar Express" and doing their dance to the hot chocolate song. We were amazed at how well Andrew can shake a tailfeather. He gets that from his daddy.

This is from Christmas morning. It was a really good year to not have dining room furniture.

This one is from Christmas afternoon. Andrew is riding around on the driveway.

Last year Andrew learned "Jingle Bells" and this year Coleman picked it up. Their favorite song though, was "Go Tell It On The Mountain." Andrew heard it in a cantata from Gigi and Papack's choir and immediately started singing it. It was also on one of our kids' Christmas CDs in the car. Be sure to listen fot the pronunciation of "everywhere" that Andrew uses.


Laura said...

Aww your boys are growing up..they are too cute!!

Shannon S. said...

Oh, I love hearing their voices (and yours, my dear friend). That made me happy!

Tina said...

LOVE the movies!!!