Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Party #3

Saturday, we celebrated Andrew's 4th birthday for the third and final time. We decided to have separate friend and family parties this year, and it was so much better that way. Andrew was actually able to visit with his grandparents this way. Gigi and Papack, Nana and Pop-O, and Granny and Grandaddy came Saturday for lunch. That morning Andrew and I were in the kitchen getting things ready, and he asked, "Do we always have three birthday parties?" I told him, no not usually.

We had homemade subways, chips and pretzels, slaw, and cake and ice cream. Except for the slaw, those are all some of Andrew's favorites.

This was his third cake this week! I made a simple chocolate sheet cake with chocolate buttercream icing. We had Blue Bell homemade vanilla with it. We are very glad to be back where it is easy to find Blue Bell!

After the cake, he opened his gifts. He also got a Lite Brite from Aunt MerMer and Uncle Roger, and some spending money from Grandma and Uncle Hugh. He's going to take his money with him to the circus next month!

a hotwheels fire station from Nana and Pop-O

Coleman got Tokyo Mater from Gigi and Papack

Lightning McQueen from Gigi and Papack

a fire chief's car from Granny and Grandaddy (and a little something extra inside the card)

Lincoln Logs from Gigi and Papack

Whew! Turning 4 just about wore us out! But he sure had fun!

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