Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Part 1

Saturday our neighborhood celebrated Halloween. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun. Nana and Pop-O came for the day. We started off our festivities with the neighborhood party at the clubhouse. The party started at 2pm, so Jonathan stayed home with Daddy to nap. Nana, Pop-O and I loaded up Jack Sparrow and a friendly ghost and off we went.

Ever since his birthday, Coleman had been saying he wanted to be Spiderman. Knowing I couldn't pull off a Spidey costume, we went to Party City to buy one earlier this month. On the way there, he changed his mind. We came home with Optimus Prime, a transformer. I figured we had our costumes taken care of, and so I checked that off my mental to-do list. However, on Thursday afternoon, Coleman started saying he wanted to be an empire. After a little questioning, I discovered he meant a vampire. It was just too close to Halloween to make a return trip to Party City, and I had spent all the money I was going to. So I told him he could either be Optimus Prime, or he could be a ghost.

He was pretty cute, and he was the only ghost in the neighborhood. Andrew hemmed and hawed for a long time in the costume department, but finally landed on Captain Jack Sparrow. He really got into playing his part.

When we got down to the clubhouse, they had a big bounce house for the kids. So Coleman took off his costume and his glasses and they both had a lot of fun.

Inside, the clubhouse was decorated beyond belief. I think the neighborhood consensus is that the couple who planned this year's party have earned themselves a permanent job! There was candy everywhere, Subways and chips, cookies and cakes, craft tables, cotton candy, more inflatables, and a candy bucket for each kid in the neighborhood!

After the party, we came home, ate supper, and dressed Jonathan up for trick-or-treating. Coleman added a GT cap to help hold his eye holes in place. It was moderately effective. That night Brent said he thought Coleman saw about half of Halloween. Here are all three yahoos before heading out for candy.

Jonathan was most unhappy about his costume, until he was given a sucker. Then everything was okay.

Heading out - We thought Jonathan might like to ride from house to house and then get out when we got to the doors. You'll see below that Pop-O pulled an empty wagon around the neighborhood.

When it started to get dark, Jon Jon and I headed back home where Nana had been giving out our candy. Brent, Pop-O and the boys continued on for a while.

Here they are trick-or-treating at home. You can see that Coleman has already lost his cap and is trying to get out of his sheet.

It was another super fun night. They loved giving out the candy again this year. We had more fun on Sunday night at church, so stay tuned!

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