Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Part 3

We started off Halloween morning with our favorite Halloween pancakes. Everyone was very excited about them!

Then we got Coleman dressed up for school. He decided to be Optimus Prime again for his party day.

The party mom had decided to do a breakfast party, and it was a great idea. She brought waffles, bacon, pigs in blankets and grapes for the class. Along with the waffles, she brought a bag of candy for them to decorate their waffles with spooky faces. They loved it!

Andrew had Ms. Sharon two years ago, and he had fun remembering how he used to crawl into that little oven. I caught him just in time before he tried it again.

Coleman with his buddy Blake, who was an astronaut that day.

I didn't want our day to end without a little more fun, so for supper we had jack-o-lantern cheeseburgers.

And then for dessert we had pumpkin pudding cups.

Our last dress-up event for this year was a family deal. Our Sunday School class waited and had our party on November 5th, due to so many conflicts for families on Halloween weekend. We were told to come in a family theme costume, so here we are:

I personally don't care much for "emmy-ems," but I could eat this one up!

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Tina said...

LOVE the family theme. So cute!