Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Recital

Andrew has been taking music lessons from Mrs. Pam this fall. He goes on Tuesday evenings and has made lots of progress. In the spring there will be a big recital, but for the beginning students in the fall, Ms. Pam does a small, parents only recital during class. We went last Tuesday for his first public performance. He did great! Here are a few pictures and the video.

Andrew and the class waiting to get started

The whole class sang a couple of songs to start off the recital. Then they were seated and played and sang one at a time.

They could choose any song from their book to play and another one to sing. Andrew played "Singing Sounds" and sang "Mr. Knickerbocker."

I missed the very beginning of his performance due to two little people asking for blue suckers. They will be staying home for the spring recital.

And here he is with the greatest music teacher on earth!