Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Fun

I have gotten woefully behind on the blog this month, so there will be lots of posts coming this week. Possibly even more than one per day! Here are a few pictures of our trip to Jaemor Farms this year. We went at the beginning of October, and didn't get many pictures made due to our hands being pretty full! But just like the sign says, we had a bushel of fun!

We rode a pretty cold hayless hayride around the farm.

The boys also went down the giant slide, did the apple slingshot (and I am so very sorry I didn't get pictures of that hilarious event!), and played in a pile of hay. We love Jaemor's market, and we came home with tons of yummy fall treats. Muscadines, collards, sorghum syrup, honeycrisp apples, boiled peanuts, and even green peanuts to cook at home! It was such a fun day!

One day during school, Andrew and Coleman got to help make haystacks, another fall tradition around here. They worked very hard and were excited to share their yummy treat with their daddy that night!

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