Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Part 2

Sunday we had fun at our church event known as Super Silly Spectacular Sunday. Everyone dressed in costumes and enjoyed the games and bouncy things. We used this event as an outreach to our community, and it was great. There were lots of people there the whole time, and at the end, ten folks met Jesus as their Savior for the first time! Here are the photos we made.

Brent and I each worked a shift at a bounce thing, so we took turns with the boys. Andrew and Coleman had fun playing the games, and Jonathan had fun riding in his stroller with a sucker. Here are a couple of things about Coleman's costume. He decided to be Optimus Prime so that he wouldn't have to take off his costume to play in the bounce houses. And we let him keep his glasses off so that they didn't get broken jumping around. The funniest thing though was how he assumed his character when he stepped out of the van. He walked around waving and smiling at folks and when he wasn't waving, he had his hands on his hips and his chest puffed out just like a superhero does.

Coleman is always up for a little face painting, and this time he asked for a "spiky blue monster with teeth." I think she did pretty well!

There were even pony rides! The man told Andrew to put his foot in the stirrup and he would help him up on the horse's back. As soon as he finished saying that, Andrew just swung his right leg over the top of the horse like an old pro. The man was really surprised and said, "Or you can do it that way!"

Jon Jon made friends with a guide dog who belongs to one of our members. You can see he is holding his sucker very tightly.

Coleman took a little batting practice.

Both boys got to shoot a real bow and arrow, thanks to Strong Rock Camp.

We had a hot dog and chip supper and then there was a costume contest. Coleman was in the Superheroes group.

Andrew was in the Classic Characters group.

And Jonathan was in the Baby's Best group. The sun was right in Brent's eyes, so it's a little hard to see the bumblebee in front of me.

We didn't come home winners, but they each consoled themselves with some cotton candy.

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