Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Repeats: Edition The Hershey's Kiss

When we started having babies, we magically appeared on mailing lists for all sorts of children's catalogs. Most of them went into the trash as soon as they came in the house. But there was one that I looked forward to receiving each season because their stuff was really cute and practical. When the fall edition arrived in the mail, it was full of Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers. There were some really cute ideas, but one stood out above all the rest. It was a Hershey's Kiss costume. The problem was it was twenty-five dollars. I thought that was ridiculous to spend on a costume that Andrew would wear only a few times on his first Halloween.

But the more I looked around, the more I thought about that costume. Nothing else I saw was even close to as cute as that Hershey's Kiss. I decided to go ahead and order it, rationalizing that if we had any more children, they too could wear it on their first Halloween and be super cute as well. As it turned out, that costume cost me about eight dollars for each yahoo. And we think the pictures and memories are priceless. So for this Sweet Repeat, here are the yahoo Hershey's Kisses in order of appearance.

Andrew had just learned to say, "Boo!" and was doing that when I snapped this first pic on our porch in Winston Salem.

He was very eager to crawl over to the other pumpkins and investigate them.

And that hat was just a little too big!

Coleman was tee-tiny on his very first Halloween in 2007, so he wore the Kiss outfit in 2008 at 14 months old. Here we are at the Children's Museum in Winston Salem for a Halloween parade and trick-or-treating.

And the hat was too big for this yahoo too!

Jon Jon wore the Kiss suit last year and was cute enough to eat!

And the hat didn't fit him either!

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