Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Repeats: Edition Thomas PJs

One of the many benefits of having three boys is that we have plenty of clothes to go around, provided they don't get worn out first. Andrew and Coleman could share some things, but with them having opposite season birthdays, not everything was handed down. I sold a lot of Andrew's little things due to lack of storage, but I did keep quite a bit and have been able to enjoy them again with Jonathan. Jon Jon has also been able to wear a lot of Coleman's things, so his closet has never been lacking.

I love seeing these precious items come out of the storage boxes for Jonathan to wear. It's almost like I get to have Andrew and Coleman back to that littler size again for a while. My memories are so sweet and clear of them in so many of these outfits, and it pulls at my heartstrings to realize that this season of sweet little boy clothes is coming to a close.

So, I have decided some documentation is in order. Since I can't keep them little enough to wear these things forever, I will be featuring Sweet Repeats here on the Quiver. When I have pictures of two or all three of them wearing the same item, I'll post them together. I think it will be fun to see them in the same things at close to the same ages, but with their own style and personality.

So here's our first of the Sweet Repeats. All of the yahoos have loved Thomas at this stage of life Jonathan is in now. Gigi and Papack found these pajamas for Andrew just after his two year old train birthday party. Here he is wearing them playing with his brand new train set.

Coleman loved them too. Here are two shots of him with them on. You can see he was a wee bit bigger than Andrew at this age!

And last night Jonathan got to wear them for the first time. He was just tickled about them, and posed so nicely for his picture.

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