Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Science Club

For Science Club this month, we drove out to an arboretum in Jackson County. Our topic was trees, and it was the most beautiful fall day! Once we divided up into our groups, Andrew and his friends started out doing some leaf rubbings.

And this picture is mainly for family members who have seen pics of my daddy as a little boy. If I changed it to black and white (and blocked out the GT cap), I think we might be hard pressed to tell if it was Andrew or Papack!

Then Ms. Angela did a little talk on photosynthesis.

Next we moved over to a patch of grass and they did a dramatic interpretation of how a tree works. It was awesome! And hilarious!

The little boy in the middle was the heartwood of the tree. He was supposed to say, "I am strong and straight!" Andrew and Calvin were pretending to be like the roots sucking water up through the trunk. They had to take the blue crepe paper and make slurping noises as they waved the paper up from the ground to their heads, acting like the water moving up the tree.

Eventually, every child was involved. Someone was walking around saying, "One cell thick!" pretending to be the growing layer of the tree. Others had green crepe paper and were moving the food down the tree from the leaves. The funniest though were the kids who were the bark. They had brown construction paper and had to stand on the outside of the group and bark. Like dogs. I wish I had videoed the performance. It was too funny!

Then Ms. Angela passed out our leaf identification charts and we headed off on our hike.

We hiked through the woods and they used their charts to identifiy leaves we found. Here is Ms. Angela talking about a tree cookie. The kids got to count the rings in a cookie and determine how old the tree was.

I think I was trying to get a picture of him with his tree cookie.

Identifying a leaf.

This was neat to see. A huge tree had fallen and we could look closely at the root system.

It was another great adventure!

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