Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet the Teacher

The boys spent last weekend at Nana and Pop-O's house so that Brent and I could get ready for school to start. Andrew will be attending Archer Academy this year for Kindergarten. That's right. We're homeschooling. We are all very excited about our new adventure, but Andrew is the most excited of all. As our curriculum arrived earlier this summer, he saw his books and supplies piled up on the bar in the kitchen. We are using part of our playroom for our schoolroom, and Brent and I set it up this weekend while the boys were gone. Andrew knew that when they got home, the schoolroom would be ready, and boy was he excited!

He and Coleman and Jonathan scrambled up the stairs and could not believe their eyes! Brent put together some new bookshelves for us, and I painted a table and chairs with Gigi's help. When Coleman walked in he said, "OH MY GOODNESS!" Jonathan started running around, looking at everything and shouting, "WOW! WOW! WOW!"Andrew went straight to a bookshelf and picked up our history book and started talking about the Pharaoh on the front.

On our pocket chart I had written out a welcome message for our students. Andrew was tickled when I read it with him.
Jonathan LOVED the pointer.

And the pattern blocks.
And the puzzle center.
Here's Andrew with his teacher. She seems very nice, but I bet she can be pretty tough when necessary.
And here are the two bigger boys with the principal. He's all smiles now, but looks like Andrew knows he means business.

Here are a few shots of the room. This table and chairs belonged to my Grandmother and Pop. The set is at least seventy years old. I am thankful to spend our days teaching our boys on such a precious piece of our family history.

After his bath, Andrew wanted to go up to the school room one more time before bed. He wanted me to make his pictures all around the room. So here they are.

Today was our first day. It went great, but like all teachers, I have some adjustments to make for Day 2. I'll post about that tomorrow.


StefanieJMoore said...

Well, Paige, you can definitely tell you've done this before! :) I'm sure homeschooling will be a lot of fun....especially with the set up you have! Wishing you a great kindergarten year!

Paige said...

Thanks Stefanie! We can't wait to hear about Makena's first day!

emily graves said...

i love reading your blog and seeing your family grow! im pretty sure i have an exact picture with you of the one with you and Andrew! haha crazy how time flys! i loved your class! :)