Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to Preschool

Last Friday we had our Meet the Teacher at preschool. This year, Coleman will go on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Jonathan will go on Wednesday and Friday. Here they are with the sign out front. You can see Jonathan was not too happy about being in his stroller. He very much prefers to walk everywhere, and he makes his preference known.

Coleman is in Ms. Sharon's class! We are very excited to have her again, despite the picture below. And Jonathan has Ms. Darlene. This is our first year with her, and she seems very sweet. He had a great time playing in the room. There will be three little ones in her class on Wednesday, and four on Friday. And just for the record, Ms. Darlene was the only one smiling in the picture below.

After we left the school, we met Gigi and Papack at our favorite lunch place, The Collegiate.

Coleman's first day was Monday. Here he is with his brand new Batman backpack and lunchbox. He had a great first day! There are nine boys and girls in his class. One of the other little boys is named Cole. When Brent and Coleman were talking about his day, Coleman mentioned that he had a new friend named Cole. Brent said, "So there are two Coles in your class? How about that?!" Our child looked over the rims of his glasses and said, "I'm not Cole! I'm Coleman!"
A little brotherly love before heading off to school.

This year Coleman gets to come out in the carpool line at the end of school. He was very excited! He said his favorite part of the day was playing on the playground with his friends.

Today was Jonathan's first day of school! Here he is with his new Brown Bear lunchbox. As soon as I asked him if he was ready to go to school, he ran to the door panting excitedly. I asked him, "Are you excited?" He said, "I excited!" I have no doubt that he was. On Monday when we dropped Coleman off, Jonathan cried and cried because he didn't get to get out and go to school.

We dropped Coleman off in the carpool line, and then Andrew and I walked Jon Jon into his class. He wanted to walk with his backpack on. He waved and said, "HI!" to everyone he met in the hallway.

When we walked in, he shrugged his backpack off just like his brothers do. I can't think of when he would have seen them do this, and it completely caught me off guard. Such a big boy thing from my baby yahoo. He smiled and said, "CHEEE!" for one last picture before I left. He cried just a little, but then got busy playing and reading books.

We took cupcakes to Coleman's class today, and while we were in Coleman's room, I heard a familiar, "Mommy!" I looked down and there stood Jonathan! Ms. Darlene was right behind him. They were heading down the hall toward the playground and he either saw or heard me and came right on in to Ms. Sharon's room. He was quite sad to have to go to the playground without me. But I watched him through the window and he had a big time swinging. When Andrew and I got ready to leave, I snapped a quick picture of him playing.

Ms. Darlene said he had a good day, and he had a sticker on his hand when I picked him up. He walked with his backpack on to the car, holding Andrew's hand and mine. I asked him if he had fun and he said, "Have fun!" He talked about his day all the way home. I can't wait until I can understand what he's saying. I think we're in for another great year!

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