Friday, August 19, 2011

The Lake - Part "The End"

Though this is the last post for our lake trip, I'm posting about something that happened the very first night we were there. Andrew and Coleman love to fish. As soon as we finished supper, they headed down to the dock with Brent to see what they could catch.

It didn't take too long for Andrew to catch one! He was so proud that he did it all by himself. Later in the week he caught his first bass. Big excitement! He hooked and reeled it in without any assistance. I wasn't on the dock when he caught that one, so we don't have pictures to share, but I know he will never forget it.

If you have more than one child, you know that once one of them does something fun, the pressure is on until they all have the same experience. So after Andrew caught his, I focused the camera solely on Coleman to try and capture his first catch. Last year he had fun just casting and reeling, but this year he wanted to catch one for himself. So we waited and waited. And waited some more. It got dark, and in July you know that means we were out late waiting on that first fish.

Brent and Coleman almost caught one several times, they felt the bite and jerked on the line to set the hook, but that fish got away every time. We think Coleman was trying to catch the wiliest fish in the lake. He (the fish) got the bait every time! Finally, they felt a bite and this time. . .

Oh how proud he was and how relieved we were! The boys still watch Bill Dance from time to time and so Brent said, "Now Coleman, Bill Dance always kisses his fish," and held the fish out for Coleman to kiss. We thought he'd know Brent was joking and back away. We were wrong.

The last thing I want to remember from our trip this year was our visit to Bell's Restaurant. All my life I have seen Bell's as we drove through Toccoa for various reasons. Growing up, Papack ate Sunday dinner there almost every week. The sign says they have 'Georgia Fried Chicken.' We tried to go last year, but they were on vacation the week we were there, so we missed out. This year, we were all hoping they would be open, and they were! We ate dinner there before our movie on Tuesday night.

It was delicious. I decided to see about the chicken. It was a good choice.

Here's a picture of Coleman just before he fell out of his chair.

And we had a group picture made with Mrs. Bell. She's not any relation to us, but we would gladly claim her.
We had such a good time on Tuesday at Bell's, that we went back on Friday before bowling. We had a great week, and were so glad Uncle Roger and Aunt Mer Mer could join us this year. The boys are already looking forward to next summer's trip.

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Tina said...

You are such good parents to sit by the lake all day and wait for Coleman's fish to finally come along!

I totally know what you mean about all the kids wanting to experience the same thing. When we went fishing this summer Lyndal and Alina caught the first two. I could see the disappointment and desire written all over Cohen's face. I spent the next hour praying that God would allow Cohen to catch one, too. Thankfully, God answered that one. :0)