Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The First Day

Yesterday was the very first day of school at the Academy. Andrew was so excited he almost forgot to eat breakfast! He picked out a new shirt to wear, ate a bowl of cheese grits, brushed his hair and teeth, and headed upstairs to get started. Here is our first day picture.

He started off with a little handwriting practice. It seems I made very few pictures of his morning. I suppose it had something to do with the other two students and this being our very first day. He loved his math. We read our rules and our Bible verse for the week. Then we did our language arts and history. Coleman and Jonathan did very well, and even got to enjoy snack and story with us.
I think our first day was a huge success, even though there aren't too many pictures documenting that. Today went even better, and I love our revised schedule. There are a couple of other activites we began yesterday that we'll finish later in the week, so I'll post those then. But there are a couple of comments that I don't want to forget about our school.

Saturday night, Brent and I went back upstairs before bed to turn out the lights and put a couple of things away. I told him I felt like I was getting a nursery ready. All the preparation and planning, and then the excitement of putting it together was very reminiscent of preparing for a baby. He nodded and smiled, and then said, "It looks just like a Kindergarten room." Then he paused and said, "Man! It even smells like a school room in here!"

And last night, after Jonathan went to bed, the rest of us found our way upstairs one at a time. Andrew was finishing up his journal entry from the first day and Coleman was playing. I was laying out things for Day 2, and Brent was watching everyone. Andrew brought me a book he wanted to read. After he finished reading, he walked back to the basket it came from and said, "It sure is nice to have a place for everything!"

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