Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Lake - Part "Where Were We?"

Life has been pretty busy around here this month! I am very hopeful that tomorrow's post will be the end of our lake trip from July. Here is a sampling of our activities from the week that I haven't covered yet.

Jonathan loves to buckle anything that is available. He had great fun that week working on his booster seat straps over and over again. Then he discovered that the lifejackets had buckles. Oh happy day! Here he is "modeling" a lifejacket.

One night we took Aunt Mer Mer to see Cars 2. We discovered the best and tiniest theatre. Small town life - you just can't beat it.

There were breakfasts on the porch.

And lots of time playing in the floor with various relatives.

And one day Papack made the long round trip to bring Grandma to the lake. I was thrilled at the picture below. Everyone is looking at the camera and pretty much smiling. I'd say that's excellent for three yahoos and an octogenarian.

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