Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Brent!

Brent's birthday was the same night as Meet the Teacher at the Academy, so we invited all the grands and greats to come celebrate. We had a cookout and then enjoyed our cake and Blue Bell.

This year Brent asked for coconut cake. We have quite a few coconut cake connoisseurs in our family, so I was feeling quite the pressure. My only other attempt at a from scratch coconut cake was Christmas a few years ago, and it was a ton of work and not so great. So this time I decided to skip the fresh coconut and go with a tried and true recipe using good old Baker's. It got good reviews from Brent, and no one left any on their plates, so I guess I've found my keeper recipe.

This year the grands and greats pitched in with us to get Brent some "very nice" tickets to a home game at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field. We will be taking Andrew with us this year to his very first game, and we are all super excited. I think Brent would say he had a great day!

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Tina said...

Happy belated birthday, Brent!

Paige - the cake looks very yummy!