Thursday, November 18, 2010

Phone Photos

Recently, Brent downloaded all the photos from his phone onto our computer. Apparently, we need to do this more often. I was amazed to see photos from before we left Winston Salem on there! Here are a few of the 100+ shots he took.

Andrew at the library in McDonough.

This was right before we left NC. Look how little Andrew looks!

That same week. What happened to those two little boys?

One of our Thursday playdates with our sweet friends Carly and Joiner.

This was during the move while we stayed at Gigi and Papack's. Coleman and George were having a little quality time.

When we go to church with Gigi and Papack, Mr. Bruce is always so kind to play and sing for our boys after the service. This particular day they sang "Jesus Loves Me" and then Andrew asked for "Do Lord." They both clapped and sang right along with Bruce.

Sometime after we moved in, Andrew was caught playing with the trashcans, and I was caught with my hands on my hips. Total shocker I know. Can you spot Jonathan in this pic?

Playing with the sand table.

One naptime last December.

A morning at the Children's Museum. These boys love a walkie talkie.
It seems we did get a picture of Jonathan in a Varsity hat on his first trip.

Our little daredevil.
I found a few more pics that I'm hoping to post tomorrow in a Flashback Friday.


Tina said...

Love seeing all the pics. Isn't it fun to find photos that you haven't seen before? I felt that way when Wes cleaned off his camera a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing more.

Conner said...

We miss the Thursday playdates. They would sure be busy now with 6 kids. Miss you guys!