Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Blessing Tree

A few weeks ago, Brent took Andrew and Coleman on a hike. They were tasked with bringing home pinecones and some branches from the woods. We are decorating with the pinecones for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and will make our birdfeeders in January. We used the branches to make our Blessing Tree for this year.

I stuck the branches into a flowerpot with styrofoam. Then, we made construction paper leaves in different colors. Each night before we eat supper, the boys each name something new that they are thankful for. We write their thoughts on a leaf and tie it onto the tree.

They have both contributed really good thankful thoughts this year. And, there have been things a little more in line with preschooler thinking. Some of our best ones have been family members, our food, God and Jesus. Then we had things like our trip to the fair and Star Wars games and lightsabers.

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Tina said...

Very cute and special.