Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Last year, before Jonathan was born, we took the boys to Build-a-Bear. I wanted them to make a bear for Jonathan to give him when he got home. Somehow our good camera was forgotten, so we made the pictures with Brent's phone. Then when we got home, I forgot to upload them to the computer and do a post about it. I rediscovered the pictures when we uploaded Brent's phone the other day, so here is the post a year later.

It was a really fun thing to do, and Andrew especially understood that they were making a gift for the baby. He and Coleman chose a dark brown bear. We also recorded Andrew saying, "I love you Jonathan," on a device that was stuffed inside the bear's hand and can be pressed and plays Andrew's voice. Here they are waiting to get the bear stuffed. You can see Jonathan in this picture too!

The girl was explaining something to them and they listened very carefully.

Who knows.

helping stuff the bear

This was their first trip to Build-a-Bear and they were fascinated with the stuffing machine.
They also got to "wash" the bear with an air bath and give him a good combing. We didn't get any pictures of that because I think someone was losing interest quickly. We brought the bear home in his box and put him in the nursery to wait for Jonathan. I am so sad that we didn't get any pictures of the boys giving him to Jonathan. Brent was on call the day we came home from the hospital, and it was a little crazy. Andrew and Coleman couldn't wait to give the bear to their new brother and played the recording over and over for him.
Jonathan absolutely loves teddy bears right now. He lights up when someone hands him one. He smiles especially big when he hears Andrew's voice saying, "I love you Jonathan!" Here he is giving his bear a hug and a kiss.

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Tina said...

Very sweet. Love that last pic.