Monday, November 29, 2010

Fanksgiving 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner again this year. Gigi and Papack, Nana and Pop-O, and Granny and Grandaddy joined us for a yummy supper. Nana brought vegetable casserole and sweet potato souffle. Gigi brought squash casserole, cranberry salad, and the pickle assortment. Granny brought rolls, ice and tea. I made the dressing, green beans, and collards, and Brent did his awesome turkey. We had apple, pecan and pumpkin pies for dessert with whipped cream and prailine sauce. None of it was very good, but we all did our best to completely stuff ourselves so no one's feelings were hurt. Of course I am kidding, it was all delicious.

The collards were a new addition to our menu this year. They are Brent's absolute favorite, and Andrew has really taken to them this year. As he was shoveling them into his mouth, he kept saying, "These cahwords are delicious! They are my favorite vegetable! I wuv cahwords!" He even ate a second helping!

Here are a few pictures from the afternoon and evening. This was Jonathan's last first holiday, and he did great until around six o'clock. So he ate his first turkey and dressing on Friday. Dressing was a big hit, and I think he'll grow into everything else.

The weather was nice enough to sit on the deck for a bit while Pop-O opened his birthday presents.

We used our dining room for the first time! We borrowed a couple of tables and pushed them together to make one humongous table. It was so nice to all sit together.

For dessert, Grandaddy got to eat on the red plate, so his picture is now in our Red Plate Book.
I always take orders for dessert and then we just serve everyone at the table, rather than going through a line again. The most popular choice each year is a "sampler platter" with a small piece of each pie and the toppings on all the slices. I started with Grandaddy and he wanted just apple with a bit of prailine sauce. Then Granny said she would like just a taste of each pie with the sauce on top. Andrew was listening carefully to her and when I asked him what he would like, he said, "I want what she said!" Since it was a holiday, he got his request. Our boys don't have much sugar, but they do get to enjoy special occasions. Coleman wanted only pecan pie, and he did a pretty good job with it too.