Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Clarence

Saturday night we decorated our tree. It seems to have triggered a bit of North Pole activity. Sunday morning we woke up to this.

There was a little green and red elf hanging from our chandelier! On the table was a letter introducing him as Clarence, our family's elf. According to the letter, Santa Claus knew we decorated our tree and he sent Clarence to give him daily reports on the yahoos. Santa said that from now on, every year after we put up our tree, Clarence will arrive from the North Pole. He'll spend the days listening and watching the boys and then, at night while we're asleep, he'll travel back to the North Pole to give Santa a report on the boys. The letter also said that only mommy and daddy can touch Clarence, or he will lose his special elfin magic. We've already heard of another family who's elf had to go back to the North Pole because one of their boys touched him and he lost his magic. We are really hoping that doesn't happen to Clarence!

Santa really emphasized in his letter that Christmas is about Jesus, and that he (Santa) is just another fun way to celebrate Jesus' birthday. He also ended the letter by telling us that each morning, Clarence will be in a new watching spot, so for us to have fun finding him each day. Andrew has waked up both mornings and immediately begun the search. Yesterday we found him on top of the tv cabinet, and today he is on the mantle in the living room. Santa also mentioned that elves love to make mischief so to watch out for any of Clarence's messes. Hmmmm. Wonder what that means?

I think Clarence has been able to give good reports so far. Hopefully he will be able to do so the rest of December! Here's a close up of our new little friend.

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