Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010, Part 1

We had a fun Halloween weekend this year. We narrowly avoided complete disaster though. Coleman woke up Friday at 4am with a stomach virus, so he missed his class party. Andrew got to go to his though, and he stayed well through the weekend. He didn't get sick until Monday morning at 7. Thankfully, both boys had a pretty mild case and recovered quickly. Anyway. Back to happier topics. We started off Saturday morning with Halloween pancakes.
I cannot remember what we did during the day Saturday, so it must not have been anything spectacular. Sunday morning we went to church and then at four, the grands came for our neighborhood Halloween party. Andrew and Coleman were cowboys this year.

I have loved their costumes each year. Probably because I picked them. It seems that this might have been my swan song. Earlier in October, they decided they wanted to be Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. I was heartbroken. (Okay, not really heartbroken, but very disappointed.) Brent and I love being able to see their little faces when they are dressed up. We tried to really talk up the cowboy idea. They didn't buy it. In a last ditch attempt, we pulled out the big guns. Literally.

The yahoos and I were riding somewhere one day and Andrew was talking about his Darth Vader costume. I said, "Well. You can be Darth Vader if you really want to. But, if you were going to be a cowboy, we were going to get you guns and holsters. But you can be Darth Vader if you want."
Finally he said, "Hey Coleman! We're going to be cowboys with real guns and holsters for Halloween!"

They can be Star Wars people next year. And don't act like you wouldn't have done the same thing. Besides, isn't this a much cuter picture than Darth and his Stormtrooper would have been?

Fortunately, I still have a few years of fun with Jon Jon. Here he is in our traditional first Halloween Hershey's Kiss costume.

We walked over to the park and they had carnival games set up for the kids to play. Ring toss and the football throw were lots of fun. You can see that Coleman got a bit closer to the targets thatn Andrew.
Here's our blue-eyed cowboy checking out his loot.

They had a piece of pizza and KoolAid for supper. I am pretty sure this was their first time ever to have KoolAid. Guzzled it.

Thanks to a sweet neighbor, we have a very rare shot of all nine of us looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.
We walked back to our house, the grown ups ate supper, and we celebrated Nana's birthday.

Then we sent the boys out to trick or treat. They loved it again this year.

This is when my camera batteries called it quits. Brent made a few more pics with his phone, so I'll post them Friday.

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Tina said...

They do indeed look cute and Jonathan looks adorable! Cohen had planned on being Darth Vader (he had a costume that he got last year for Christmas and wears it all the time). However, about a week before he decided to be a pirate. I liked the pirate pic because I could see his face. :0)