Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We decided that this summer the boys were big enough to try tubing, if they wanted to. It was a blast! They both hollered for the boat to go faster the whole time they were on the tube. Each boy got to tube with every willing adult at least once. Nana and Pop-O came for one day, and the boys were excited to ride with Pop-O too. We were already away from the dock that morning when I realized I didn't have the camera. So, we'll make pictures of Pop-O tubing next summer. Here are the pictures from our first morning with them behind the boat.

Brent and Andrew went first. They started off sitting up, but soon decided it would be better to lay down for the ride.

Then Coleman and Mommy went. He loved it. We are pretty sure he's our adrenaline junky.

Andrew and Papack rode together last. It was super fun!

More to come. . .


StefanieJMoore said...

I love the pictures of you tubing, Paige!

Tina said...

A family of daredevils. ;-)