Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Paddleboat and Visitors

Back in May, at our family reunion, there was a paddleboat at the dock. We didn't take swimsuits for the boys, or Brent, so they didn't get to ride in it that day. Andrew was brokenhearted when the bigger kids took it out and he didn't get to ride it. We told him then that when we went to the lake this summer, he could ride in our paddleboat. I think it was of little consolation that day, but he did remember it from time to time and was excited about it when we finally got to the lake.

Monday morning, while Daddy and Papack were putting the boats in, the yahoos "helped" Gigi wash the paddleboat. Once it was in the water, they enjoyed riding it all week.

By the time they were finished, Gigi's clothes were drenched. You could have probably wrung out a gallon of water.

I think this next picture does a good job of explaining how Gigi got so wet.

Brent and the boys rode down to the end of our cove and fished several days. Andrew reeled one in all by himself from the paddleboat! These are pictures from the first morning in the paddleboat. You can see the vessel is listing a bit to one side. This picture was shortly before Coleman took an accidental dip in the lake. Brent turned a little too fast, and Coleman was leaning out to splash his hands in the water, and over he went. Fortunately, they were next to the dock, so I grabbed Coleman up and plopped him back in his seat.

We invited Nana and Pop-O to come for one day. We had lots of fun seeing them and eating lots of good food!

Jonathan looked so proud to join his first big family meal at the table with everyone else. He just sat and ate his puffs like a big boy.

Wednesday, Papack went and got Grandma so she could spend the day with us. It was a lot of driving for him, but we were all glad to see her. I think she got a big kick out of the boys. I forgot to get a picture of her with all the yahoos before Jonathan laid down for his nap, so here she is with the bigger boys.

Still more to come. . .

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