Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

I thought it would be fun to see Andrew and Coleman's first haircuts today. We used the same girl for both boys in Winston Salem. Miss Kayla loved our boys, and they loved her.

Andrew's first haircut was the week he turned one. Andrew's hair really just needed shaping up, so she was able to use the scissors on him. He did a great job, but was very curious about the noise of the scissors in his ears. No tears from our big boy!

Coleman's first haircut was when he was eight months old. He had some long stragglers that hadn't fallen out, so Kayla decided to use the clippers to get a good, even cut. He did great as well, no tears, but made the funniest faces while she was using the clippers.

So when it was finished, he basically had his first buzz cut. He was too cute! You can tell he liked his new look. I don't know if a first haircut has ever fit a baby's personality as well as that buzz did Coleman Joe.

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