Monday, July 26, 2010

The Lake 2010

We spent last week over at Lake Hartwell with Gigi and Papack. It was a really fun vacation, and I think we have all decided this will be a yearly event. We made lots of pictures, so I'll divide them up over the next few posts.

Here we are getting ready to head out Sunday afternoon. We were backing out, and all of a sudden Andrew decided he wanted his cowboy hat. So that meant I grabbed Coleman one too, and off we went. We really should have made a picture of the back of the car to show how much stuff can fit inside an Odyssey and still leave enough air to breathe. Brent did an impressive job of packing it all in there.

As soon as we arrived, the boys started "fishing". Lately, Andrew has really been hooked on Bill Dance. If we had somehow left their poles at home, we would have had to go back and get them. The boys perched on the porch swing the rest of the evening and practiced casting and reeling while we got supper and all our stuff settled in.

Right after breakfast Monday morning, they headed out to see what they could catch. This will be an all-time favorite pic of my two bigger boys.

They waited very patiently (term used loosely) while Brent tied their hooks and baited them. This was Coleman's first time to get to fish with a hook. He was very excited.

This is serious business.

Jonathan spent his morning playtime inside on his pallet. Gigi and I took turns staying at the house with him, as it was too hot for him to be on the dock in the morning. He had a lot of fun, and really seemed to enjoy his first vacation.

Lots more to come. . .

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Tina said...

You got some great pics! However, my favorite one is of the boys sitting on the swing. That is just too precious!