Friday, July 16, 2010

Moosik Camp for Coleman

This was Coleman's week for music camp. His class had an "Under the Sea" theme, which was perfect since he loves anything ocean related! We made some new friends, learned some new songs, and had a ton of fun.

About half-way through the class, we got to have snack each day. Ms. Pam did a great job coming up with ocean themed snacks for them. I got several ideas for his birthday party next month.
Here he is sitting in his little boat. She kept all the supplies in a closet and before each new activity, she'd go get what we would need. We used scarves, hula hoops, several different balls, and instruments. After each activity, Coleman would look at me and ask, "What's next?" I think he just couldn't get over how much fun stuff came out of that closet!

bouncing the balls on the sheet - our new friend Landon is next to Coleman

After snacktime, we'd go back in the room and Ms. Pam would have out different instruments to explore. They used shakers, cymbals, rhythm sticks, castanets, sand blocks, and wood blocks. The castanets were his favorite, until Thursday when the lollipop drums were out. The other children enjoyed their drums too, but Coleman and that drum were created for each other. He got his drum and started banging away. And I don't mean just banging, I mean jumping around with his feet apart and banging like a tribesman in some sort of preschooler ceremony. He LOVED that drum. I'm sure you can imagine how disappointing it was to have to give it back.

The tambourines this morning were a close second to the lollipop drum.

And here's a picture of Coleman and Ms. Pam. I don't think there are many people more suited for their work than Ms. Pam is. She is absolutely amazing!

At the end of each day, as we walked to the car, I asked Coleman what his favorite part of the day was. He answered the same every time. "A WOT." That's 2 year old for "A LOT." I think that was my favorite too.

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