Friday, December 11, 2009

The Story - Part 2

Here are some more pictures from Jonathan's hospital stay. I'll post about his homecoming next time.

We always make a picture of the two of us right before we leave for the hospital. This one was with Papack's camera, and he downloaded it for me the other day.

bottle time with Daddy Friday night

I wanted to get a closeup of his crazy hair, but it was kind of dark so it didn't show up as well as I hoped.

Here's his coming home layette. I made the gown and Gigi monogrammed his onesie, bib, and burpcloth. I had to order his seat covers from Birmingham because I couldn't find any in Gainesville.

the traditional seat cover shot -
the only day of his life his underwear will have his monogram on it

All dressed and ready to go meet his brothers!
more to come. . .

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wes said...

Love his hair. Loved all the monogrammed items. He looks soooooo tiny in that car seat!