Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marina Bay Party

Sunday afternoon was our neighborhood children's Christmas Party. We were very excited that Santa was coming to our neighborhood and we wouldn't have to haul Jonathan to the Mall of Georgia for his first Santa picture. It was a fun afternoon, and pretty laid back. They had letter writing centers, snacks, and of course Santa was there. We didn't stay too long, since it was during naptime, but we did get a picture with Santa. If you can call it that. You'll notice that it is not a typical, nice posed mall-type photo. However, for this year, it's just fine.

Before we left, Coleman was leaning over to Jonathan saying, "Hi Jonathan. I'm Coleman."

the big boys in front of the tree at the clubhouse

Andrew's face when Santa walked in. I mean, I could eat him up sometimes.

Coleman getting a closer look at Santa.
Jonathan with Santa
So here's the official shot from 2009. Notice that Coleman is in my lap. He balked at sitting on Santa's knee, so that was the only way to get all of them in the shot.

He did decide he would stand next to Santa and tell him what he would like though. Coleman asked for some trains and surprises and Andrew asked for "a suit of armor like Paul Bussler's" as he has been since July.

It was a fun afternoon. When we got home, they all three took great naps!

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Tina said...

Love the boys outfits. You are getting some precious memories with Jonathan joining your family.