Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The day after Christmas, we got up, ate breakfast, and suited up to play in our snow! We were all very excited. Gigi and Uncle Hugh stayed at the house, but Papack suited up and came with us to Horseshoe Park. And it's a good thing because his pictures were the only ones that were any good! Here's JonJon ready for his first (very short) playtime in the snow.

We borrowed sleds and a saucer from Gigi and Papack. Santa brought the green sleds when Meredith and I were in elementary school. They were the perfect size to make yahoo torpedos. We all had a blast sledding, and you'll see that even Brent and I got to get in on the fun.

After we finished sledding, we made some snow angels.

I know. This looks like a family massacre, but we were all fine.

Then we had our first family snowball fight. Andrew started it off by throwing some snow at me. So of course, I threw some back, to his great delight. We were both giggling and throwing snowballs as fast as we could. Then, Coleman comes running by looking at me sideways and smiling like, "Hit me too!" So I pitched a snowball at him. About this time, Brent showed up and we all had a big time. Papack captured it from across the park.

We got home and had hot chocolate to warm us up. It was a great way to end our Christmas.

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Tina said...

Love all the pics, but I especially love the snow angel family pic.