Monday, January 24, 2011

The Actual Birthday

I am having some trouble with the photos today. And I cannot help but wonder if said trouble stems from the hijacking that occurred on my blog last week. Probably unrelated, but still makes me wonder. So anyway, all my narrating will be at the first of the post, and then all the pics.

Andrew requested "special birthday pancakes with blueberries" for his breakfast on the celebration of his fifth year. So that is what we had. And boy, were they yummy if I may say so! I don't know what I did differently, but I hope I can replicate it! He and Coleman and Jonathan all enjoyed them tremendously.

(This is where I would put the photos from breakfast if I could get them here.)

After breakfast he donned his "5" shirt (thanks Gigi!) and we were off to school. I took him a special Subway lunch, and cupcakes for his classmates. Mrs. Stephanie had balloons on his chair and they all sang to him. His cupcakes were chocolate with white icing, red sprinkles, and Star Wars cut outs on top.

(And here is where the school pics should be.)

For supper, he asked for tacos, so we of course obliged. Afterwards, we ate another cupcake and sang to him. It is so sweet to hear Coleman sing the birthday song to his brother. All day long, he kept telling him, "Happy Birthday Andrew!" Over and over, without any prompting, and out of the clear blue sky.

(Insert supper pictures.)

After bathtime, it was finally time to open presents. Jon Jon couldn't make it to the gift part of our celebration, but the rest of us had fun watching him open his first tee ball glove and ball, a new book, a Yoda backpack, and Operation.

(Have you got the pattern down?)

It was a great birthday. He said his favorite part of the day was eating his cupcakes. We did lots more celebrating over the weekend! I'll have those pics tomorrow, and hopefully our "issues" will be resolved.


Tina said...

BTW we love that book! Looks like fun celebrations.

Does Coleman wear glasses?

Paige said...

Tina - Yes, he wears them. I posted about it a few days ago. He's only had them a week.