Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy he was!

Saturday afternoon, we hosted a few of Andrew's friends for a Star Wars birthday party. It was billed as an all boy affair, but Andrew decided that he wanted Claire to attend as well. So it was all boys, and Claire. She was a trooper and hung in there great during Jedi training. Andrew and Coleman both had a ton of fun, and I think their guests did as well. There are a lot of pictures to follow, so consider yourself warned.

While we were setting up, R2D2 made a quick appearance.

Here are Andrew and Coleman with some of our life-size decorations. C3PO and R2, as well as Han Solo.

While I was making pictures of the big boys, R2 crawled into the dining room and said, "Cheeeeeee!" So of course, I snapped his picture too.

For party favors, we gave TIE Fighter cookies, Darth Vader masks, light sabers, and Star Wars coloring books.

I heard about the Bus Fair from a neighbor, and decided this would be the perfect Jedi training camp for our party. Ms. Lora is a former preschool teacher, and she did an awesome job! She has converted an old school bus into a mini gym for little kids. The seats are all removed, and the floor and walls are covered with mats and padding. There are different kinds of gym equipment, a climbing wall, a ball pit, and even a zipline!

There wasn't enough room for the parents to stay on the bus during the activities, so we all went back inside and had a nice visit while the kids played. It was super nice! I don't think birthday parties get any easier than this! The last fifteen minutes, we did get to get on and watch them play. The zipline was a big hit!

After Jedi training was complete, they came inside to a pizza supper.

And TIE Fighter cake for dessert!

Then Andrew opened his gifts, with a little help.

The last thing we did was to bust a Death Star pinata with their light sabers!

It was such a fun party to plan and execute. Andrew said his favorite part was playing with his friends and busting the pinata. I think everyone, including me, slept really well that night!


Meredith said...

What a fun birthday party! You did such a great job and I loved JonJon's outfit! ; )

Tina said...

LOVE the party! Love, love, love the R2D2 outfits. Did your mom-in-law make those? Love the life size cutouts. Did you color those? Wish I could see the cookies. Do you have a close-up of those? Love the cake. Love that bus! What a fantastic idea! I bet something like that would go over well in every town! Wish I had enough money to buy a bus. :-) Looks like the party was a success!

Paige said...

Thanks Mer!

Tina ~ My momma did not make the costume this time. We borrowed it from a friend who has done 2 SW parties for her little boy. I made transparancies from a coloring book and used an overhead projector to draw the figures off, then painted and cut them out. I'll email you a close up of the cookies. And I know, I'd buy a bus if we had the $ too! Such a good idea!

Tina said...

Sorry that I got the seamstress in the family mixed up. :-) I can't believe you did those life size figures! That must have taken you forever.