Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day - Part 2

So, back to Christmas! Midmorning, the rest of our Christmas Day company arrived. Gigi and Papack, Aunt Mer Mer and Uncle Roger, and Uncle Hugh all came just in time for brunch. While we waited on the sweet potato biscuits to bake, we let the boys open their gifts. They opened footballs, trio sets, lincoln logs, Star Wars dishes, and Star Wars blaster guns among other things.

Jonathan enjoyed his snack from a safe distance while they tore open everything. He opened his gifts a little later on.

We had a yummy brunch together.

It even snowed on Christmas! Here are the boys outside to get a quick picture. It looks a lot like rain, but it was really pretty snow. It snowed all day long, and we played in it the next morning. It was our first white Christmas in Georgia in over 100 years.

Gigi and Papack gave Jon Jon a fun rocking horse. He loves it! He can rock on it by himself, he just has a little trouble climbing on and off successfully. The whole time he rocks he says, "Whoooooooaaaa! Woooooowwwwwww!" over and over.

The only picture of me and Mer Mer. It is my resolution this year to do better with the people pictures at family events this year. Everyone complains about them while we take them, but they are so nice to have later on.

Uncle Hugh brought a big surprise for the boys. He gave them a Lionel train set! Their set is the New York Central. It is electric, and boy has it been a hit! As soon as they got the paper off, Andrew said, "Just what I've wanted my whole life!"

During naptime, the three big yahoos put the set together for the boys. We are in the process of finding a permanent table for it.
After nap, they were both excited to see it run. There are sound effects, and the engine will even steam if you run it fast enough.

I think it will be a toss up to see who enjoys this train the most. The grandaddies, Brent, or the yahoos. It will be a fun family hobby for a long time.

Christmas evening, dinner took a little longer to prepare than I had thought. Aunt Mer Mer and Uncle Roger left around 3:00 to go to South Carolina to see Roger's family. We told Gigi and Papack to bring their overnight bags just in case the snow got bad. Sure enough, by the time dinner was ready, the temperature had already started to drop. Our roads are very curvy and hilly, so I was very glad when they finally agreed to spend the night. We ate stuffed pork loin, wild rice, roasted asparagus, congealed salad, rolls and chocolate prailine cake. And then we all collapsed in the living room. Not really. After the boys went to bed, we all watched "A Christmas Story." It was a great Christmas!
And to the folks in Memphis who "loaned" us Uncle Hugh this year, thank you so very much. It was wonderful having him here to celebrate with us for the first time ever. We know just how much you love him, because we love him that much too!

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