Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jon Jon - Age 1

I'm a little late with this, but I wanted to post about Jonathan at age one. He is such a happy little fella, and we all love being around him. More and more, he is wanting to do exactly what his brothers are doing. He has learned to climb the stairs, so our baby gate is back up. If anyone goes up to the playroom, Jonathan makes a beeline for the gate and sits there holding on and hollering until someone picks him up. And if we don't take him up to the playroom too, boy do we hear about it!

His preference is to be barefooteed, especially in the car. Both socks and shoes are usually gone by the time we arrive at our destination. He loves his thumb, and a sure sign that it's time for a nap is when that thumb starts finding it's way to his mouth. His favorite toys are his pop-ups, stuffed animals, and anything that makes noise. He will find a toy that plays music and make it turn on, and then he dances until the song ends. As soon as the music stops, he turns it right back on. His dancing is some really cute swaying and swinging his arms to the tune.

He loves any kind of ball, and can roll it back and forth with someone. Mickey Mouse always makes him happy, and he will sit still and watch him on tv. The Anywhere chairs are a favorite, and he will sit in anyone that is available. Cheerios, graham crackers, and teddy grahams are big hits right now, and he loves his milk! He can show you where his head is when you ask, and brush his own hair. He also tries to put on his little hat when it's cold. He points at what he wants when we're carrying him around, making him look a little like the Statue of Liberty.

He babbles non-stop! He is by far our most vocal baby. Always telling us about something very important. He has added "night-night" and "thank you" to his word list, and can use them both without being prompted. He also loves to say, "Wowowowowowow!" when playing with a toy or swinging a lightsaber. He has a little man laugh that is hilarious to listen to. And he is becoming rather sneaky! His favorite no-no is to crawl towards the bathroom, looking over his shoulder to see if we're watching. He'll raise his eyebrows, like he's saying, "Do you see me?" and smile really big. Then he makes a fast break toward the potty, and hopefully the yahoos have shut the lid, or else some big-time splashing is about to happen!

He crawls so fast! I love hearing his little hands slap the wood floors, and sometimes he goes so fast he starts panting. He will walk behind a push-toy and say, "Woah! Woah! Woah!" the whole time. He loves his riding tractor and rocking horse and can almost climb on by himself. And the cutest thing he does is his teepee. He will stop crawling, plant his hands on the floor and straighten his legs so that he's forming a triangle. Then he puts his head on the floor and looks through his legs at whatever is behind him. I have tried and tried to get a photo of this, but everytime he hears the camera turn on, he pops us to see what is going on.

Jonathan, we can't wait to see you grow during your second year. You are our sweet bonus baby, and we are so thankful for you. You help us to better remember your brothers at this age, and we all love reliving their baby days while we watch yours. Your name means 'gift from God,' and it is oh so true. How can we thank God enough for you?

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