Monday, October 12, 2009

Special Visitors

Sunday we had some special visitors. Uncle Hugh flew to Georgia from Memphis on Friday. He stayed with Gigi and Papack and they all came to our house for a visit yesterday. The last time we saw Uncle Hugh, Andrew was six months old. Both of the boys had a fun time playing with him.

We also celebrated Papack's birthday while they were here. Here are the boys helping him open his cards at lunch.

When Uncle Hugh comes, he always brings special surprises! He brought the boys a sand table! Andrew was especially excited. Papack is going to build a little platform with wheels so we can play with it on our driveway easily.

Sunday evening, we invited Aunt Niti, Uncle Grady and Aunt Judy to come for supper and visit with Uncle Hugh. Aunt Niti and Uncle Hugh are first cousins. I think everyone had a nice time. Brent and I did. This was one of the big factors in our decision to move back to GA. It's great being able to spend time with family without having to drive seven hours to do so.

puzzles with Uncle Grady

meeting Aunt Judy and cousin Gracie
So here's the funniest story from the weekend. Andrew and Coleman were very taken with baby Gracie. She's the smallest baby they've seen in quite a while. They were very cute talking to her and playing with her little feet. They did a good job being gentle with her. At one point, Gracie got very excited and screamed "Aaaaah!" Andrew looked at her, got close to her face, and said, "Speak English!"

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Tina said...

Fun memories! The "speak English" comment is absolutely hilarious!