Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Fest and Jack-o-lanterns

Wednesday night we went to Pumpkin Fest at our church. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure it will be a yearly tradition for us. The Varsity had a truck there, so we ate a yummy supper before we started all the booths. We even got to have some roasted corn with our hot dogs. The corn wasn't from The Varsity though. There was every kind of sweet treat you normally find at a fall event. Caramel apples, ice cream, popcorn, candy, and cotton candy. Andrew decided that was what he wanted our treat to be. So we stood in line and got one to share. Coleman didn't want any part of it. Andrew tried to eat it, but the texture wasn't his favorite. So Brent and I ate most of it. Just another one of those parental sacrifices.

After we ate the cotton candy, we started playing and doing the booth games. What event is complete without a bouncy house? The boys loved it.

I had to work a shift at our class's booth, so Brent and the boys did several fun games while they waited on me. They did beanbag tosses, football throws, and Andrew played a rousing game of musical chairs. Brent was unable to document those with the camera however. Wrangling the yahoos was job enough, he said. After my shift was over, we played a few more games.


The fishing hole - Do you see the nice man in the chair? Andrew beaned him with the bag of candy when he reeled it in. He was very nice about it and said it had happened all night long.

They had set up a little hay maze for the preschoolers. Coleman chose to play on the playground instead.

After the playground, we came on home. It was a really fun night.

Then last night, Brent and the boys carved our pumpkin.

They really got into scooping out the goop this year. Lots of laughing went on.

I found one of those kits that has patterns and special tools to use. Brent said it made the pumpkin carving and scraping much easier than using our regular knives and metal spoons. The designs were fairly intricate, so Brent finished the carving after the boys were in bed.

It turned out great, and the boys loved it when they saw it this morning.

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