Thursday, October 15, 2009

Babymoon #3

Four years ago we did a really smart thing. We took a trip a few months before Andrew was born, a babymoon. It was a weekend trip to Dahlonegah, GA. Just one last getaway before life changed forever. We had a fun and relaxing time before all the crazy wonderfulness of parenthood began. Two and a half years ago, we went to Asheville, NC for our babymoon before Coleman. My parents kept the Andrew so we were able to go by ourselves. At the beginning of October, we set out again for babymoon number three. This time, we chose Charleston, SC for our getaway. I'll share our pictures over the next few days.

On the way up, we stopped at Presbyterian College. Brent had only been once since I graduated, and I hadn't been back in about nine years. It was so fun to walk around the places we spent so many college weekends. It's still a beautiful campus, but it has changed a lot. There were several buildings that weren't even in the plans when I was there.

Clinton Hall, where I lived for three years.

When we got out of the car, we heard the tell-tale screams of bid day on a small campus. It was fun to watch a few girls run down the steps of Neville and remember all those years of rush and Panhellenic fun. So glad that's over now. It was fun while it lasted, but I don't think I could pull those late hours decorating for the parties again.

We got to Charleston Sunday around 4 and checked into our hotel. I found the Mills House on Southern Living's website, and we highly recommend it. It was beautiful inside and out.

The Mills House is right on Meeting Street. We were able to walk to the market, the battery, rainbow row, and the historical and shopping districts. Sunday night we decided to try Hyman's Seafood Company. It was great! It is in a building that the same family has owned since the 1800s. (I think. We heard so much history and so many dates that I could be misremembering.)

Each table had these little plaques all around the sides. They named the famous person/people who had eaten at that particular table. Our table had hosted Neil Armstrong, Jodi Foster, Lindsay Graham, and some other Hollywood big name that we can't remember. Must have been a very impressive individual.

Our food was great. Brent ordered fried flounder and I had fried shrimp. We were both very excited about our sides, though. I got grits and he got collards. Definite low country fare. AND, before the meal, we had another yummy treat. We were kind of expecting hush puppies (so good) or onion rings or something like most other seafood places bring you. They brought out BOILED PEANUTS!!! I thought Brent was going to want to go back every night just to get the boiled peanuts. So if you're ever in Charleston, you must go to Hyman's! We will certainly be back.

We picked a great time to visit the city. It was in the low 70s the days we were there. It was perfect weather for us to walk most everywhere we went. After supper, we walked around and made some pictures of the city. Here's Meeting Street.

More to come. . .


Tina said...

How fun!!! Can't wait to see the remainder of the pics. I love the term "babymoon". Too cute!

Gran said...

I am mailing your gowns today! Send me your email address so I can send you my grandaughters blog!

Brad, Carla, Addison & Hudson said...

When we went to Charleston we went ate at Hyman's every night for dinner! :)