Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Around Town - Part 2

One of the irritations that comes with a major move is having to find all our service people all over again. Doctors, dentists, vets, dry cleaners, hair stylists/barbers, etc. Fortunately, we have a friend in town who gave me a great list of people to try. On her list was Whelchel's Barber Shop.

The boys and Brent all used the same girl in Winston to cut their hair. Miss Kayla was great with Andrew and Coleman, and they loved trips to see her. I was a little nervous about taking them to a real barber shop, but it went great. It truly is an old fashioned place. There are four chairs, and four male barbers - Clyde, Willard, Buddy and Robert. Clyde was off the day we were there. Mr. Willard cut the boys' hair, and Robert cut Brent's. Andrew and Cole looked so cute sitting up there in those big chairs with just their little heads sticking out of this huge cape. They did really well. Mr. Willard was very patient. Turns out, he was a school bus driver for 20 years before barbering.

We have loved their super short haircuts. Cole in particular looks like he's about to enlist. I suppose the good thing is we won't have to go very often!

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Tina said...

The boys do look cute and so does your little tummy. :0)