Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Football Fun

 Once again for Brent's birthday, the family went in to get him tickets to a home game at Georgia Tech this fall.  Since Coleman is now five, he got to attend too!  It was a fun Saturday with a big win, which is always nice.  Here are the pictures of our day. 

Kickoff was at 3:30, so we left home a little before lunchtime and stopped at Chick-fil-A on our way down.  We rode the train again.  Andrew was an old pro, but you can see how excited Coleman was!

When we got downtown, our first stop was the bookstore.  This was the first time Brent and I had been to its new location.  Coleman got to pick out a hat for himself, and Brent and I each got new GT t-shirts to wear.  Here are the boys walking onto campus.


We were really hoping to meet up with Buzz again this year so Coleman could get his picture made with him too.  While we were walking around on the street, I spied him trying to get a drink of water from a vendor.  He was very kind and posed with the boys for a quick shot.  It was pretty warm that afternoon, and Andrew said Buzz's back was soaking wet!

 Just some general silliness.

 A vendor had set up a booth for the folks to practice throwing at a target.  Andrew and Coleman both took a turn.  Here's Coleman.  You can see the ball heading nicely toward the circle target, but it fell a little short.  Also, please notice that his little self is in mid-air.  He jumps as he throws.  Sort of a combo basket/foot ball shot.

 And here's our resident qb.  Andrew is super proud of his throwing arm.  He throws really hard and spirals pretty well.  We're still working on accuracy.

 We walked up the hill and over to the Student Center and got to hear the band warming up by the fountain.

 Then we headed back across campus for a pic with the Tech tower.

 Brent wanted to sit a little higher up this year, so we did.  Here are the teams warming up.

 Gigi and Papack came and spent a fun day with Jonathan at the house.  When the boys got in the car to leave, they found a surprise waiting in their seats.  Gigi and Papack had gotten them each a pair of binoculars.  Or "binoclee-ers" as we like to say around here.  They were a big help. 

 This is how Coleman sat for most of the game.  Just about the entire second half he had his hands in his ears.  Every time Tech made a first down, they blew a really loud train whistle.  Truly, you cannot appreciate how shrill and loud it is until you've heard it.  Fortunately, Tech made lots of first downs that afternoon.  Unfortunately, that meant they blew the whistle a lot that afternoon.

 We got the boys a pretzel just before halftime.  They loved the band marching, and Andrew was really into the game all afternoon.  I made a picture of our scoreboard at the end of the day.

It was pretty much a blowout.  We loved it.  You probably don't remember, but the game we went to last year was a blowout too.  So both games Andrew Archer has attended, Tech has won really big.  Considering how our season is turning out, we think the folks in the athletic department ought to offer him season tickets.  Don't you?

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