Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apple Picking

One Saturday in October, we headed over to Ellijay to pick apples.  We tried out a new-to-us orchard, and we will be back every year.  The apple house had tons of great pre-picked apples along with other produce.  There were also lots of jams, jellies, ciders, and apple treats to choose from.  We started out in the orchard and picked a peck of Granny Smith and Winesap apples. 

This was Jonathan's first time to get to pick.  Last time we went to the orchards, he was still eating cheerios in his stroller!

See if you can figure out from the two pictures below who is the family ham.

Then we headed inside for a yummy lunch.

On the way home, each boy asked for an apple to eat.  They had a great time!