Monday, October 8, 2012

Coleman, Age 5

 Coleman is loving age five.  This is such a big age in our house.  He'll get to do many new things this year.  Play tee ball, ride in a booster seat, attend his first GT game and start kindergarten!  Lots of excitement ahead!  For now though, here's a glimpse of our fabulous five year old.

Coleman has not lost one ounce of his passion for life.  This child has not the first bit of hypocrisy in him.  When he is happy, you know it.  When he is not, you know it.  Fairness is huge in his world, and he is the first to let us know if injustice is being done to him or anyone else.  He is genuine in his love and concern for others, especially those who are sick or smaller than he is.  Each day at preschool, he walks out with Jonathan and sweetly holds his hand all the way to the car.  For all his rough and tumble, Coleman is our most gentle and tender-hearted boy.  He loves to cuddle small animals and if a baby is around, he is completely content being close by and gently stroking its tiny feet. 

Coleman has a terrific work-ethic and loves to learn.  When he is home during Andrew's school lessons, Coleman wants some work for himself.  If I don't have anything for him right away,  he will get out some paper and pencil or markers and begin practicing his writing.  He listens carefully to me when I read our history or science or Bible lessons, and can often answer questions correctly.  Art is one of his great loves, and his creativity is amazing. Each week at the library, Coleman brings me books he has carefully selected from the shelves all by himself. He loves to be a helper and when he gets a new job to do at home, he does it with much care and pride.

He loves legos, playing outside, Star Wars, painting, drawing, bugs and worms, super heroes and his new orange bike.  He plays equally well with his older and younger brother and is a great "magic link" connecting the two.  Coleman has a great singing voice, and has started taking music with Ms. Pam this year.  He usually enjoys his practice activities and is always eager to do his assignments for class. 

His favorite color is still blue.  Favorite foods are bagels, multi-grain and honey-nut cheerios, Dad's chicken on the grill, cheese pizza, kiwi, apples, pretzel rods, peanut butter and crackers, sweet potato souffle, macaroni and cheese, and poppy-seed chicken.  Spaghetti and meatballs always gets huge praise when he sees it on his plate for supper!  He loves to eat at the Collegiate and Wendy's.  Family movie night and family reading time are two of his favorite events.  He loves to wear his penny loafers and he loves being dressed up.

I think his love language may be words of affirmation.  Coleman is constantly telling me how much he likes what I'm wearing, how nice my hair looks, or how pretty I smell.  He loves to compliment others and find nice things to say to people.  When we tell him how handsome he is, or praise him in some other way, he practically floats off the ground. 

Coleman Joe, you light our world in such a special way.  We all are better for being around your zest and zeal for life.  Your favorite song is "Nothing is Impossible"  from our choir CD.  You love to belt it out on our way to church or preschool in the mornings, and we love to hear it!  You and your brothers are proof in our lives that with God, nothing is impossible.  We pray that you will always know this and that no matter what your circumstance, you will always sing it out and live it out for those around you to hear and see.  We know God will use you and your passion in a mighty way.  We are blessed to be your parents.

"This is the LORD's doing.  It is marvelous in our eyes."
Psalm 118:23

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