Monday, February 6, 2012

Jonathan - Age 2

It seems Jonathan grows up a little more each day. Funny how these boys have a way of doing that. Here are some things about our two year old that I don't want to forget.

He loves his milk. When he gets up in the morning, that's the first thing he asks for. I don't think I'd call him a "morning person" quite yet. He's not ready to talk or play until after he has his first sippy cup and some rocking time in the big chair with Mommy. I love starting my day that way too. We snuggle up with his blankies and whoever else he brings out of the bed and rock and watch Curious George.

Favorites on tv include Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Blue's Clues. He also loves the movies Cars 2 and The 'Credibles.

Whatever Andrew (Ah-der) and Coleman (Comen or Cumin) are doing, Jonathan better get a shot at too. He loves to play with them, and they are so patient with (mostly) and kind to him. If Andrew is practicing his music, Jon Jon comes and tries to play and sing right along with him. If Coleman is coloring, get out the crayons for Jonathan too. His very favorite thing is to play outside, and when it is time to come inside, oh what a sad time that is.

He still sucks his thumb, and you can see in the above picture that he holds onto his left ear while his right thumb is in his mouth. That thumb hasn't slowed down his speech though! Jon Jon is by far our biggest, earliest talker. Everyone who meets him talks about how much and how well he talks. Constant chatter from this yahoo. And we don't usually have to guess what he wants. He is very expressive with his emotions. Happy or sad, he is all the way in.

He's our earliest "reader" too. He has several books he can read already, but his favorite is a little book about bears. He loves to sing and knows lots of songs. "Jesus Loves Me" is his number one hit. He can really belt it out. He can count as high as thirteen consistently, and has counted to twenty before. He's working on his colors with yellow and blue being the two he has learned most accurately.

He has the biggest laugh of any two year old ever. Once he gets going, it is unstoppable. He loves to be tickled and he tries to tickle us back. He is also becoming a big helper. Every night he puts his dirty clothes in the hamper before bath. He loves to take his plate to the kitchen after a meal, and if the broom is out, he always wants to sweep! When we clean up the toys, he pitches right in and sings the clean up song for us: "Cween up! Cween up! E'body do your share!"

Jon Jon is our first climber. We find him on the table, the bar, the closet shelves. I'm waiting for him to climb out of his crib. One day Brent found this in the garage:

Yes. He's in his car, on top of the sand table, and pleased as punch about it. He loves to jump, and is also our first bed-jumper. Bubbles, chalk, blocks, trains, guns, cars and trucks and books are his favorite toys. His favorite foods are oatmeal and raisins, waffles, goldfish, pretzel rods, cookies, cheeseburgers and cheese pizza. Chick-fil-A nuggets are a very popular choice too.

Jonathan, you are such a wonderfully fun part of our family. Your sweet spirit and dynamo personality are a great combination. We love to hear you talk and sing all day long. You are such a big boy to be only two. How blessed we are to have you. We love you so very much!

How can we thank God enough for you?
- 1 Thessalonians 3:9

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