Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Science Club

We have done a lot of fun things our first year of The Academy, but Science Club has to be one of my favorites. We are both exhausted at the end of the first Wednesday each month, but the experiences he is gaining are completely worth it. Last month our topic was "Science Spectacular." The students participated in all kinds of experiments and activities across every branch of science.

We started off learning about surface tension and water. They had to see how many drops of water they could fit on Abraham Lincoln's head.

Then they tried to float a paper clip on water. Andrew got his to float on the first try. When she was talking about surface tension, Ms. Angela asked if anyone had ever seen a bug walk on the top of the water. Andrew said, "Yeah! Jesus bugs!" She was completely baffled and couldn't figure out what he was talking about. So I told her we call water striders "Jesus bugs" because they walk on the water. Everyone got a good laugh out of that!

Next up was a little chemistry. The students made slime, and of course, no experiment day is complete without a volcano.

Then we headed into a dark closet to learn about phosphorescence. They used a black light with petroleum jelly and then we ate wintergreen lifesavers to see the sparks in our mouths.

Next we were back outside to launch a rocket using air pressurse. The kids used a pump to fill a water bottle with air and then the cord was pulled and the rocket flew off. This was Andrew's favorite experiment by far. He got to pull the cord once, but I didn't get a picture because I was making sure he didn't pull too early.

We ended up inside with a little biology. She had some hard boiled eggs that were dyed and demonstrated how a shell protects an animal from things in the environment. Without the shell, everything can soak right into the skin.

I was going to make a picture of the eggs she was holding, but she turned and smiled at the last second. She said her kids snap renegade pics of her all the time, so she's gotten used to posing very quickly!

Then they got to use a microscope (from about 1972) to look at slides of feathers and hair.

Everyone got a Super Scientist certificate at the end of the day.

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