Monday, February 27, 2012

February Science Club

For our Science Club in February, we were supposed to read My Side of the Mountain. The story is about a boy named Sam who runs away from his home in the big city, to learn to survive on a piece of wooded family property in the mountains. Andrew enjoyed hearing the story, and I'm sure it will be reread in years to come. The afternoon we went to Elachee, Ms. Joanne helped them experience what Sam might have seen and done out there in the woods alone. We started off inside with a "tree stump" for them to see what Sam's home might have looked like.

She had a large deer skin for them to feel and think about how Sam might have used it to keep warm during the winters.
Then we headed outside for our hike. They found a tree with it's rootball upturned and Ms. Joanne helped them gather sticks to build a shelter. Every child loved this activity and I think they would have kept dragging sticks over all afternoon if we'd let them.

Then they got to get inside and see what it might be like to live in there.

They also found some termites that Sam could eat. If he were really desperate.

And then Ms. Melissa showed them how to start a fire in the woods. Of course this was a huge hit as well.

It was another fun afternoon at Elachee!

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