Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebration Anticipation

In the spring of 2010, Brent and I started talking about celebrating Andrew's sixth birthday in a BIG way. We decided to this was the perfect reason for our first trip to Disney World! We booked the trip in August, and then kept it a secret until November. And boy was that hard! We were as excited, if not more than, the boys. We thought about waiting to tell them until the day we were leaving, but decided that the anticipation of their first trip to Walt Disney World would be a huge part of the experience.

Brent came up with a great way to reveal the trip to them. We ordered mouse ears for the boys and when they came, he handed them out and told them we thought they'd want to wear them when we went to Disney World for Andrew's Sixth Birthday! (Imagine that last part being said with great excitement and huge hand gestures. We have a video of it, but I can't get it to upload.) To say they were happy would be a huge understatement. Andrew was in disbelief for a bit, but then got very excited. The time seemed to pass very quickly since we had Thanksgiving, Jonathan's birthday, and Christmas in very short order.

We did a countdown from ten days out. This was a huge part of each night's bedtime routine, especially for Coleman. Check out that brotherly love!

We made Mickey cupcakes one night.

They got a guidebook to the parks. We had a dvd that Disney sent us when we started thinking about our trip. The boys had watched it before they knew we were going, but we watched it with renewed interest after they found out our trip was so close!

Taking down the last number! So exciting!!

We had Mickey pancakes the day we left.

Here we are loaded up and headed for Valdosta. We decided to leave on Tuesday at lunch so that Brent could work that morning. We spent that night in Valdosta and arrived in Disney World Wednesday at lunch. It was a great way to break up a long drive. Also, you might notice that only two yahoos are packed. Brent and I struggled for a while about whether to take Jonathan or not. We decided to let him have a vacation to Camp Gigi-Papack while we took the bigger boys. It was the right decision. He had a super week, and we were able to do so much with the other boys. Our plan is to go for everyone's sixth birthday, so all three yahoos will be packed up and ready to go in eighteen short months!

Stay tuned for big fun!

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