Monday, September 20, 2010

Touch A Truck

On Saturday, the Parks and Rec hosted a Touch a Truck event. It was held at the stadium parking lot, and I cannot think of a type of truck we didn't see. Here are a lot of pictures from the morning.

Andrew and Coleman were so excited they were like Mexican jumping beans. They could hardly walk, and I know if Brent had turned loose of them, they would have sprinted toward the trucks.

Our first stop was a regular fire truck. Coleman was pointing the way.

Here they are in a UPS truck. The driver was one of Brent's patients. The boys got to climb in and around the truck. The back was empty, but they were fascinated with the idea that it is usually filled with packages for delivery.

There were dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, a Pepsi truck, every rescue vehicle imaginable, buses, and construction vehicles.

Andrew talking to his "good buddy" while Coleman is trying not to go deaf from all the horn blowing and siren ringing. It was really loud!

They were both excited to climb onto the school bus.

Andrew went straight to the back seat and sat down. Coleman followed him back there, but then decided he wanted to drive. The driver was so nice to let him have a seat and even play with the radio.

And bulldozers!
An 18 wheeler had a lift on the back. The driver let the kids ride the lift up, run down the empty trailer, run back, and get a treat from his bag. So fun! Our friend Luke was there too!

One yahoo had to get in on all the horn blowing.

Trying to minimize the ear damage. We had our picture made in front of a Mack truck. There wasn't a Peterbilt in sight though. And yes, they do know the difference, thanks to "Cars."

There was also a hook and ladder truck. We waited patiently in line for our turn to climb up and "drive." I've said it many times, but firemen are just some of the nicest, kindest men around. It seemed like they were enjoying the day almost as much as the kids. We can't wait until next year!

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Tina said...

How fun!!!! Cohen would love something like that!!!