Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Movie Night 2010

About a year ago, we started Family Movie Night on Fridays. We have pizza on paper plates for supper, get the yahoos a quick bath, and then start the movie. They sit on a beach towel to eat their popcorn, the true highlight of the night, and then join us on the sofa for the rest of the movie. Now that Jonathan is a little bigger, the movie usually starts a little before his bedtime. This particular week, I had set him in the floor with his toys to play until it was time for him to say night night. He was fine and happy until he saw the brothers with their popcorn. He wasn't crawling yet, but he tried his hardest to get to their snack. We fixed him a cup of Cheerios and he was perfectly happy to sit and watch the movie like a big boy.

I have a feeling this one is going to grow up fast!

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Tina said...

Very cute. He truly looks like he is enjoying himself and feels like he is just as big as they are. :0)