Friday, September 10, 2010

Coleman Joe, Age 3

There are so many things about Coleman at 3 that we don't want to forget.

* Coleman is our rooster. He is almost always first out of bed in the mornings, only sometimes beaten awake by Jonathan. His hair at the top of his head sticks straight up, adding to the rooster analogy. He even knows that's his "rooster tail."

*Some of his favorite foods are: mac and cheese, noodles of most any kind (especially when they are on someone else's plate), kiwi (known as wiwi), and "kokwate putting."

*Favorite color has always been green, but now may be changing to blue. He chooses blue a lot more often than green now.

*As soon as he sees Jonathan in the morning, he comes over to him and says, "Good Morning JonJon!" and gives him a big snuggle or hug. He loves that baby so much! If Jonathan is playing in the floor, Coleman is right next to him gently rubbing his back.

*Cole is still our really rough and tumble boy though. He does not shy away from any skirmish. We are finally making progress on the "your-head-is-not-a-weapon" front.

*Favorite activities include: riding his trike; playing outside; painting, markers or any other art project; floor puzzles (I get asked almost daily, "Will you play puzzles wif me?" How can I refuse?) and play-doh.

*When he gets almost finished with a floor puzzle, he'll tell me, "Cwose your eyes!" So I do, mostly, and then when he's put the last piece in place, he says, "Ta Da!" So proud of himself!

*He loves to be a helper. If I am cooking, he tries to drag the step ladder to the kitchen to help. He happily helps with laundry (and there is plenty to go around believe me!). When Brent cuts the grass, nothing makes Coleman happier than to follow along with his mower and then to help with the blower when Brent is finishing up the yard. He even asks for his little blower to be hung up right beside his daddy's in the garage when they finish.

*Coleman loves to read. When we have Family Reading Time at night after supper, he is the first to turn off the tv and dump out the library books. At bedtime, he asks for a wot of books in his bed. He loves our trips to the library each week, and will be getting his own library card this fall.

*Pretending has become his forte. Before, he would gladly participate in Andrew's pretend scenarios, but now he is starting to initiate pretend play on his own. Cowboys, firemen, soldiers, and pirates can all be seen/heard around here on any given day.

*"Jericho" on the Veggie Tales cd is his favorite song.
*He's becoming very aware of fairness issues. Sharing is a big deal right now. Specifically, when someone is not sharing with him. And to Coleman's three year old self, sharing means you should immediately relenquish whatever he is asking for. Fortunately, Andrew is a very good sharer most of the time, and we're never too far away to make sure everyone gets a good, equal turn.

*Coleman loves a good reunion. Whether we've been gone for several hours, like at school, or just a few minutes, like a run to the grocery store, Coleman acts like it's been years since he's seen us. His little face lights up and he comes running to you with arms open wide ready for a big hug. He says our names over and over, as if he can't believe it's really us.

*His speech is getting so much more sophisticated. Last week he started using father and mother instead of daddy and mommy. He still doesn't get everything quite right, though. Figuring out the English language is a lot for a three year old person.

Coleman Joe, we have absolutely loved your first three years! You amaze us with how big you are becoming. We thank God for you every day and can't wait to see what He does with your life.

"This is the LORD's doing. It is marvelous in our eyes."

~Psalm 119:24

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