Friday, September 24, 2010


We have had a few afternoons lately where it has been cool (term used loosely) enough to play outside after naps. All the yahoos enjoy this, as do I. They can run off some energy, and I can read a magazine and sip some sweet tea.

For his birthday, Coleman received some money and decided to use it on a helmet and knee pads for his tricycle. We went to Target and picked it out last week. I so wish I had had my camera with me, because he wore the helmet, still with the cardboard surround, all the way through the store and home. It looked hilariously cute. This is the best shot I've been able to get of him wearing it while riding. He absolutely loves zooming around the driveway on his new wheels.

Jonathan has the best time sitting in his pack and play with his Cheerios and toys. I think he really enjoys the change of scenery and watching and listening to his brothers.

Get me a spoon and I'll eat him up!

Andrew is the chief activity director in the afternoons. He is always coming up with play scenarios to act out with Coleman. A big favorite of late has been being chased by the FBI. They pretend to be playing, minding their own business, and Andrew will holler out, "Quick! It's the FBI!" And they jump into the closest vehicle and take off, always escaping just in time. Just like those Duke boys used to. And that has become another favorite make believe. This particular picture was taken just after he hopped through the window of the "General Lee."